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To all the viewers of this I have had seven Nissan‘s in 15 years my last three vehicles have been to Murano‘s and a platinum Ultima that I currently have. Their anti-collision system has a known defect by Nissan that is not being addressed. This is a safety issue I have multiple videos of this occurring and the dealership says it is a known defect they did not tell me that’s when I purchased my car in this case my seventh car from the same dealership that could’ve changed my decision when there’s no safety features and they work when they want to work to me that says class action lawsuit coming Nissan‘s way I did speak to consumer affairs amazing aware of it the fact that this website exists and everybody’s having the same issue please videotape when it happens that way if a class action does a car we all have documentation it’s called buyer beware but at the same time Nissan failed to mention their anticollision system will not work in certain conditions that’s illegal to my knowledge if they have a known defect
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