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Very poor handling... Low quality... Need more of a "all season tire"... They also have very bad reviews...
I love the car but the tires are the low point...

I wouldn't say the Kicks OEM tires are low quality, the same tires are OEM for many other brands. Tires is about trade offs. I guess Nissan chose the FT140 for Kicks for a balance of quiet ride, fuel economy, longer life; while sacrificing some of the other qualities. I have own performance tires on my other cars, the noise and ride quality are poor for everyday use. I also had 'All Weather' tires; never buy them again. Worn out under 30K.
Tires reviews are subjective. I had highly rated tires that wasn't all that good on my car; or worked well for about a year and sucks as it ages.

Break in the tires a bit more, hopefully it will get better. Try also over or under inflate the tire a few PSI; it may help you in getting more out of the tire. Not safe to over do the tire pressure.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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