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Hi , I have lot or trouble with mine (front crash detection - sound audio problem - transmission « lag »).

And now the trunk won’t open, anything here have the same issues ? Have change today the back door lock assembly but still won’t open…

2019 with 57km , I can’t not think some câble are broken !?!?

thank you for your help !

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Welcome to the forum! I believe that your trunk latch is controlled or opened by a switch. Not sure about your model. When you want to open the trunk is it a rubber plate above your license plate? From the diagram I got from a site it is.

Enter your exact VIN from the Home Page to verify the exact part.

From the looks on the diagram its a 2 pin connector. You can jump these 2 pins while connected to the harness see if the latch works. If it works you will need a new Switch.

For the other problems you are having ask the dealer if your vehicle has the latest software or Firmware updates as these vehicles are like Cellphones that need the latest updates. I hope this helps. Let us know.
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