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Solutions for kicks seat? lumbar support is like a rock

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Just bought my Kicks and now worried it was a big mistake. Seat is so uncomfortable for multiple reasons.
I specifically bought SR with Premium seats, because the Bose headrest is not as angled forward as the normal one.
However now I realize that the lumbar is so HARD against my lower back it actually hurts. Has anyone been able to reduce the stiffness of the lumbar by changing the seat at all (read on a Forester forum about people loosening a wire on the inside from the back, haven't looked at the kick seat internals yet).
Also seems like the upper back is too concave, especially since the headrest (though Bose/less forward) is still too forward.
Looks like I'll be having to try every back support I can find to try to make this work, or see if there is somewhere that can custom make one ?? (ideas?)
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