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New 2019 Kicks SV with stock Sat Radio/Car Play/etc...

Within a week I noticed that my classic iPod skip (1 second blips) every couple of songs. This did not happen on my 2010 Cube or my wife's 2019 Mini Cooper Countryman (since also tested in several 2018-2019 rental cars and my brothers 2018 Ford F150).

I rebuilt the iPod (assumed it was my issue) but saw no difference. Testing with other iPods (Nano, older iTouch) showed the same result.

At week two I contacted the dealer. Initial results showed that the skipping was worse when a cell phone was attached via bluetooth to allow for hands free calls.

The dealer had me call Nissan Customer Service which started a four month back and forth
1) where the car went in with the iPods several times
2) the dealer was able to repeat the problem with my equipment on another same model Kicks
3) the dealer was able to repeat the problem in my Kicks with their own Apple device
4) Nissan Tech said my equipment was defective
5) the dealer swapped out much of their service department staff
6) the dealer finally tested in a Kicks with a different radio (I believe the an SR with the BOSE radio) - worked fine!!!
7) another Nissan Tech finally came back and said the stock radio was not compatible with the older Apple equipment

I asked the dealer the cost to upgrade to a different Radio and was told that they could not perform such a task.

Are others running into options upgrading radios after the initial purchase?
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