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Ok so I'm re-introducing myself because the first time I posted I said I was thinking about getting a Kicks. Well, I took one home this afternoon, a Kicks SV for around $17K. Hopefully I paid a fair price because I had some negative equity on my trade-in, and decided to go with a completely new car which I haven't done in years.

My wife and I both love the looks of the Kicks. At first glance as I said in one of my first posts, I wouldn't call it a touring or long distance car, the seats are kinda hard and I hope they will soften over time and conform to our bodies, but if not, I can deal with it as it's probably better support for my back.

Great features for the SV for the price paid, making it a great value. There was not much difference the dealer was giving me between the S and the SV, I negotiated both of them to the point they were only $500 apart, so the SV it was.

I do have a quick question as a newbie and my wife and I are starting to read the manual to get to know the car better. What is that red blinking light on the dashboard? It looks like an outline of the car or something.

Can't believe I have a car sitting in my garage with just 24 miles on it :smile So happy motoring and hope to learn more about my purchase being part of this group!
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