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I joined a few days ago. In June of 2021, I got my Kicks. I am a previous Honda Fit owner (2010 manual trans sport) which the AC and clutch went on the same day in the middle of June last year and I wanted another orange car so I got this one. I do miss the Fit but I also love the Kicks. I have had my go around with this car from the get go, got it off the showroom floor, loved it, had some cosmetic stuff wrong, had to bring it in to get fixed, upon getting fixed the dealership dented the driver side front door in the accent crease, and didn't actually fix the original issue, so it had to go back to have that fixed, they said 3 days, took 2 weeks... long story made much shorter... I love this car. It still looks clean (I baby it) and aside from normal road wear and rock chips and the "driving through a construction zone in Las Vegas that put two inch long scratches in the hood" it still looks brand new.

Next up... Roofnest, and car camping! Just need to save my pennies
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