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Kickin in with a 2018 Nissan Kicks

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Hey everyone!

So I not too long ago got a 2018 Nissan Kicks. Was iffy because I never heard of it and there age, BUT the car only had one owner and was only at 17K miles with one owner! The car was really appreciated but he previous owner.

Love my truck. The only downside honestly is the acceleration sucks lol

Any tips? Any maintenance tips at all? its my first car ;)

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Welcome to the forum! Glad to have you aboard! For maintenance, have the CVT fluid in the transmission have it service earlier than what your owner's manual recommend. I am thinking of changing the muffler to a performance one to help with this slowness of acceleration. I like the color combo you have white roof with Blue body. Enjoy your 1st car!
I am gonna throw my 2 cents in and suggest you use only synthetic oil. Depending on your driving style the little engine may rev high and frequently. Synthetic oil handles that better. To add to @otto888man if you add a performance exhaust, run some hotter plugs.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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