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I have never really purchased any interior floor mats or protection for my cars before. But with the new kicks I got, I decided to take the plunge.... because I have two messy children.

For the floor mats, I bought the TuxMat set for 2018-2023 kicks models. It fit perfectly in my 2023 Kicks SV. I can honestly say I've never been so happy to spend $190. The kit came with front driver, front passenger, and rear seat floor mats. They all fit like a glove. It came with extra adhesive clips for the front mats to make sure the sides near the center console can remain out of the way, but I found that I did not need to use them with mine, as my mats hugged the wall and did not impede any function of the pedals at all. The extra height on the sides with these mats (and how these cover the foot rest for your left foot as the driver) are so much better than the Nissan mats that you can get.

I also purchased some Lusso Gear Heavy Duty Kick Mats that cover the back of the driver and passenger seats so my children don't get their nasty feet all of the back of the front seats. It has 3 mesh pockets at the top, but the bottom is simply just to cover the back of the seat so it doesn't impede on legroom. They fit great and provide full coverage for the back of each seat.

Lastly I got a Viewpets Becnch Car seat cover protector. It's a waterproof cover for the bench seat in the back. It has velcro openings for the seatbelts. I found it's a touch wider than the bench of the kicks, but it still fits very well.

I will take pictures of all of my mats sometime this weekend to hopefully help anyone in the future who might wonder about the look/fit of any of these items.
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