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Instrument Cluster - white display

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Hello Nissan forum!

I'm posting on behalf of my mother who owns a 2019 Nissan Kicks. It's got roughly 22k on the odometer and developed an issue where the cluster that displays RPM and other vehicle data is constantly white (I'm unsure of the part name, but it might be called the instrument cluster). It does not flicker, it's either on and a fully white screen, or dark when the ignition is off.

In the current condition she cannot tell the fuel level or mileage, or really any of the crucial info. She CAN see her speed normally as that is still a mechanical dial on the right.

The only other instance with a Nissan that I have found that is similar is here:

Has anyone here had an experience with something like this?

She has an appointment in December to get an estimate from our local Nissan dealer, but I'm concerned hers may not be under warranty and may have to pay out of pocket. She's retired and on a tight budget, so I'm really concerned about the cost.

The other thing I'm wondering is if I find a replacement instrument cluster, will the mileage be incorrect and is there a way to transfer the correct eeprom to the new cluster?


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First of all welcome to the forum! Have you tried to do a reset by removing the negative battery terminal for 10 minutes then reconnecting it back? Another way is to do a hard reset of the whole system. Let me know if this works. If not do that 1st. Also try reaching out to the corporate Nissan headoffice. The dealer might warranty it or not. If they do or don't have them document this incident.
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