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I have a 2021 Kicks SR Premium and I’m building a custom exhaust, but can’t get these bolts off, it’s connecting the mid pipe to the exhaust manifold. It seems to be a 6mm E-Torx with a 10mm hex cover. I can’t get the cover to budge, and I’ve tried dozens of thin wall s-torx but none are thin enough to fit. I don’t want to chop it because I want to be able to put the factory pipes back on in case any warranty issues come up.
Thanks in advance!!

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I've been trying to post this for days now but it wouldn't let me


That's awesome; I had a custom axle-back performance exhaust done for my Nissan Kicks (no pipes were cut for the same reason you don't want to cut.) Unfortunately, I didn't get a whole custom exhaust, but even a custom axle-back made this 130hp car roar; I recommend it. Regarding how to remove that bolt, Nissan uses odd bolt sizes, so not many options will work. So I will include a complete breakdown of the Nissan Kicks Exhaust, which also states bolt sizes. In addition, Nissan recommends using power tools and using a unique Nissan Tool for the Exhaust System (J-38365).

Good Luck.

Any modifications to the Exhaust technically void some aspect of the warranty
2021 Nissan Kicks Exhaust System:
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