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Has anyone's front alert sensor gone off intermittently?

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I know that certain years of the Rogue and the first year of the Kicks (2018) may have had issues with the anti-collision sensor causing the vehicle to brake. In the two days I've had my 2019 Kicks now, I've notice that my front warning went off twice, once when a car passed me kinda close, which is understandable, but the other time was when the wind and rain was blowing strong towards the front of my car. Is the sensor that sensitive that it would give off false readings like that?
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mine did and does, dealer told me it was from snow before - happened today in WNY in 90 degrees so I think it's glitchy
Gave up worrying about mine, always seems to come on after car been sat at work in full sunshine, but within 2 minutes of moving light goes out and works again.
Odd they said snow I have lots of snow and not once did it go off in snow, just don't seem to like heat.
Mine has only done it twice since I owned it. Once when a car cut me off, and last one was during a windy but rainy day and the front was being pelted by rain. Hasn't done it since.
Mine did in a strong rain storm while on the interstate with lots of road spray. Even after stopping at a gas station and restarting the car, the warning went off but came back on . The next day, however, it was reset to normal and hasn't come on again. I haven't driving it in those conditions again yet, so i assume it was the crazy rain.

The manual says it doesn't work in all weather conditions and will alert you that it has been disabled if it cannot reliably detect the radar sensor readings.. so i think it's working correctly, in my case.
Mine comes on intermittently for no obvious reason. Goes back off in a minute or two. I haven’t taken it back for service because of an issue with Nissan service.
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Mine goes off alll the time! Especially now in the heat. No one could be in front of me and it glitches out on me. I am wondering if the happenstance I actually need it to function, will it? I took it to the dealer and they couldn't "recreate the issue" eventhough I showed them several video of it doing it...smh..
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There is definitely an issue here. Mine is actually in the shop (has been for a few days) because the warning comes on all the time for no reason. It also displays 2 different "Malfunction" warnings and pretty much all other alerts come on as well. This includes the traction control warning, ABS, low tire pressure, and collision detection. The only way to get them to turn off is to turn off the car. As you can see in my pic (sorry for the wonky angle), temperature might also be a contributing factor. Unfortunately, this is not something I can really avoid living in the desert.


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My one went in today for service and look at the radar, and got new unit and bracket on order.
Think the heat does have something to do with it.
It's parked in front of a white metal clad building which reflects good amount of heat and nearly 90 % of the time when I move off from the building it's comes up is unavailable, 2 miles down road it's goes back to normal.
See how the new unit works out.
Yes, as soon as I bought it it started going off, the dealership replaced the bad sensor and it has been fine since.
only if it rains really hard but it has only done it twice since I owned it
I have about 7250 miles on my 2018 Nissan Kicks SR. I took it in to the dealer (SoCal) this morning for a 10,000 mile service. I also reported the intermittent obstruction sensor on the front of the car (been like that for the last 3000 miles) and he asked me if I looked at it? He was suggesting that once the alert surfaced on my dash, I could have looked through the front grill and visually inspected the sensor for debris, water, or an obstruction. I said, "no" because I wasn't sure where to look. I watched him as he went out to my car and positioned himself in front of the driver-side headlight and peaked into the grill. So, I can only assume that is where the sensor is.

When I asked him about the repair, he said it can go two directions: First, they run a diagnostics test to determine if it's a software or hardware problem. A software problem was solved with an electronic update. A hardware problem was solved with a sensor replacement. But he wouldn't know a timeline until they ran the diagnostics. Mine was the latter. He did estimate that repair for about 2 hours because the replacement required removal of the bumper and grill.

So, yes - it is a problem, and yes - my Nissan dealer accepted it as a warranty repair. The alert did not surface during the ten mile commute back to my home.
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Mine also ended up being a sensor replacement. They said the sensor they got from Nissan didn't come close to matching the type they took out of the car. It works now, so I'm not too worried about it.
Had a new sensor fitted couple weeks back after my one was going off daily.
Been fine since new radar and bracket installed, service department did say all nissian range of vehicles are having issues with radar.
The dealership replaced my sensor. Now the replacement has gone bad! It goes off every day for no reason, at least once on my 5 mile drive to work and at least once on the way back. I really don't have the energy to complain again and have them replace it again, with another one that will gradually go bad. I got a brand new car so this kind of thing wouldn't happen.
My car has also made a noise like a small plane, intermittently since I bought it. The dealership can't find anything wrong there either, and they say it doesn't make a noise when they test drive it.
The crash sensor on our 2018 Kicks goes off every time we drive it. It beeps for no reason at all and the light stays on for most of the time that we drive it. The Nissan dealership took our bumper off and re-adjusted it but as soon as we drove off the lot, it came back on again. The dealership claims it would cost $1,000 dollars to replace the sensor (yeah right), so we're just living with it.
I have a 2018 model that I bought soon after it hit the market. It has come on about a dozen times randomly, all on the freeway and during daytime except once at night. I didn't know why at first but now I think it may have to do with the sunlight hitting it, but that doesn't explain the one time it came on at night.
What has $1000 bucks got to do with it No Kicks should be off warranty yet, keep on pushing the dealer.

If they have to install 20 new sensors so be it, its there poor design, so make them pay for it.
That's how car manufacturers redesigned things, starts to hurt there bottom line.

If the sensor is going off all the time Make a video of it.
Contact Customer care , who likely will not do anything but maybe your get some monies credited to your dealer account for future service work.
Mine has had the warning lights come on for the front warning collision system and says malfunction see owners manual and my kicks wont go over 40 mph. It is at the dealership waiting to hear what they find. It was already doing the not going over 40 mph a few times but no warning lights and it seemed to have corrected it self continuing to drive, but when the light came on I had to restart the car a few times for it to clear. This is a huge safety concern and hope I don't get the runaround.
Update Nissan replaced the sensor was ok for a couple weeks, not even a month later it happened again wouldn't accelerate over 30 on the highway had to turn off car and turn on. Back in the shop again I am not going to deal with this and will take it up with Nissan consumer affairs and take legal action if they don't figure this out.
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