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I own the 2020 SV, and it has fog lights pre installed :)
Looking at the 2021, if you want a low profile mount that will not deface the car, you could install some behind the lower front grilley bit.
Grille Automotive lighting Hood Motor vehicle Car

As for wiring, you could wire them up to be always on with your headlights, which would be the lowest impact on the existing electrical system, or you could wire a switch into the cab giving you the control over the lights.
For the on with headlight method, I would use a piggy back fuse holder to get power for the fog lights separately, this will prevent any overload on the headlight circuit. Have the power from the piggy back go into a relay. Then use a tap connector from the headlight wiring harness and run the wire to the switching port of the relay. This way, when the headlights are on, they will trigger the relay to send the power from the piggy back to your fog lights. If done right, this method will be low profile too and be easily tucked away and look normal at the dealership. :)

Piggy Back Fuse Holder:
Automotive lighting Circuit component Cable Font Electrical wiring

Tap Connector:
Product Lego Rectangle Technology Electric blue
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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