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I have a 2019 Nissan kicks sr and it's at about 45 thousand miles bought it brand new ever since my last two visits to my katy Nissan dealership they been telling me I'm getting a build up of sludge in my engine they wanted to clean it out I told them no so they refused my old change I never been turned down by my dealer they wanted 2000$ to flush my engine and I didn't have it so they told me to to do a side shop or something...I'm really disappointed my car is too new I don't drive it hard I get the oil changed when it's time I feel this car have a lot if lil problems thats slowly shows up cause it's almost been one thing after another...when I took it to a side shop they told me that the nissan dealership was full of **** and they changed it and yeah the oil was a lil bad but not crazy I feel you have to watch these dealerships they will **** the car you u got from them cause I found out they was not putting the right amount of oil in ...
1 - 4 of 4 Posts