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I've been searching all over the place for the engine specs and I can't seem to find it for the Kicks. I may have to ask my dealership's service advisor, he should know for sure. I usually want a vehicle with a timing chain as they are rock solid, as my other vehicle with a timing chain has almost 280,000 miles on the original timing chain, having changed the oil religiously at 5000 miles during it's lifetime.

I bought the Kicks more for the price though, so I didn't really pay attention to whether or not it had a timing belt or timing chain, but eventually would need to know because if it's a belt, it'll usually need service and our service shop will let us know that, particularly if it's a dealer service shop. It would also be helpful to know if it was an interference or non-interference engine, because if it is on a timing belt and should it break while it's running, you'll want to have a non-interference engine.
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