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Had anyond put a rear anti roll bar, or strut brace, or any other brace on their kicks? I have a 2021 sr and thinking about it, for less roll in the corners, wondering if any experience out there and how we're the results?

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The Nissan Kicks is a crossover and has the highest clearance compared to any other crossover so it makes sense to want to install an ARB (anti-roll bar). Assuming you own a Nissan Kicks in the United States (P15) the installation of a rear ARB is not possible. The Nissan Kicks uses an independent suspension system in the front and a semi-independent suspension system in the rear. For the rear Nissan decided to install (probably for cost reasons) a Torsion Beam Suspension with a twist-beam (because the twist-beam can somewhat twist it makes the rear suspension semi-independent.) I included an image for reference (were it says front assume for kicks it says rear). So from my understanding, I don't believe you could install a rear ARB. But the front does use an independent suspension system so you can definitely if you want to upgrade the front ARB to a better after-market part (talk to a local mechanic if possible.) In terms of Strut Brace or any Brace the Nissan Kicks might have the ability for installation and might not; I'm assuming not but I would need to look more into it for a definitive answer.

If you DO NOT want to void your suspension warranty DO NOT install any aftermarket ARB

Good Luck on Modifying.

For Nissan Kicks replace the word Front for Rear
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