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Hi fellow Nissan-lovers!

So I have a 2018 Nissan Kicks. While I love almost everything about the car, one downside is not having Apple CarPlay. I do long roadtrips from time to time and it would really be helpful.

I’ve reached out to some mechanics asking if they can put in a radio that supports Apple CarPlay and they assured me they could, giving me some options of a radio they can install in there, etc. This is my first option ( a little worried about pricing but that’s besides the point).

The main things I want to keep control of is the backup camera, steering wheel controls (Siri button, volume and track skip) and not needing to plug in my phone every time I want to do CarPlay (only plug it in if I need it to charge)

So my questions for y’all are:
1. What other info do i need when I go in to get an estimate from the car shop?
2. Would it be ok to get the radio I want (that i know will fit in my car model) and bring it in for them to install or should I see what that have in stock?

I’ve done some research and I’ve come across two other options:
1. An add’l monitor that I put on my dashboard that supports CarPlay. Just not sure yet if I’ll be able to use my steering wheel controls to access volume & song skips if it’s from another monitor
2. A “dongle” that apparently allows CarPlay? But I believe I’d would need another monitor for that regardless

Thank you!
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