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I guess the crew that designed the door mechanism for the Kicks had no idea about dissimilar metal thermal expansion and contraction. My wife is a school teacher and her brand new Nissan Kicks SR driver's side door failed to open in the cold. She had to open the passenger side door and climb over the center console to get in. The car was brand new so during the weekend we took it to the Stealership. They had no clue. When we got home I checked the door latch and figured the upper latch plate is binding up with the lower plate in the cold so I took some WD-40 and lubricated the **** out of the door latch mechanism. It was pretty cold this morning, around 24F. My wife had no problems getting in. I don't think WD-40 is a long term solution and will eventually dry up in a few weeks. I plan on trying some white lithium grease. It looks like the latch is tucked in enough not to be a risk to get my wife's clothes full of lithium grease.
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