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Hi all. I just purchased a new 2021 Kicks. I was looking into buying steel wheels to mount 4 snow tires. My car has 17" alloy wheels with 5 studs. Oddly, everything that I look up shows that Kicks only have 4 studs - see picture of my wheel showing 5 studs, and chart below showing Kicks only having 4 studs. View attachment 202
View attachment 201
It would appear that they started using alloy wheels with 5 lug nuts in 2021, but I cannot get any info on wheel size. Does anybody confirm the 17" wheel 5 lug nut bolt circle diameter (I suspect 114.3 mm), and hub diameter (I suspect 60.1 mm), and wheel offset (I suspect 45 mm). Thanks for your time, and might help someone else down the line.
I'm going thru the same process getting Winter tires for our 2021 Kicks SV and I see You found what i think is the right Centre Bore requirement of 66.1mm which is the same for both SV and SR trims per . Also PCD: 5x114.3 (5 lug) .
*** Strange its not listed at CanTire yet !
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