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2020 Kicks S No throttle response, engine light, below -25C

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Went to move the car and while it started ok, the engine light, blindspot, front and rear collision lights came on. No response from throttle. Engine stuck idling. Drive, Reverse, Neutral, Park - all same. Idle. No revving when throttle pressed. So car is stuck.

Had driven fine at -20C in the morning. Cold snap, temps dropped below -25C. I did not have vehicle plugged in.

I left it run for a few minutes to take the edge off the cold. Turned it off, then started it again - and same thing. Engine light, collisions lights and no throttle.

It's plugged in now. Will maybe wait until morning? (temps forecast to drop to -30C tonight).

Happened last year as well during a very cold snap.

Just me? or others have issues getting the Kicks to start and drive in extreme cold?
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Minor update. Does anyone know if the Kicks has a formal "Limp" mode and how it behaves or indicates (what lights, etc indicate it is in limp mode?)
This morning the car (plugged in over night, temp down to -28C) started ok. Engine light stayed on, but all the collision lights from last night cleared/turned off. The throttle was responsive and I was able to drive it.

Ran some errands throughout the morning and after a couple cycles (start, drive, stop, off), the engine light cleared. No other issues.

I guess lesson learned for now is that the Kicks cannot handle below -20C very well and should be always plugged in :-(
There should be a Limp Home mode on every Japanese vehicles I have encountered. Most modern vehicles do not like a low voltage battery and it does strange things to different electrical system. Do you have a booster pack? If so, connect it and then start it see if the problem goes away. I hope this helps.
I wish. Still have it.
I have yet to test the battery.
I wish I could find better information on limp mode - if it exists on the '20 Kicks, how it tells the driver that and proper procedures.
Right now, I have it in my head that next time this happens it will be to let the car run for 5 minutes to warm up. Turn it off and leave it for 15 minutes. And then try again.
Sadly, I cannot say what happens when it gets that cold. The coldest it will get here at night might be 19C.

There are some blankets to wrap the battery for it to keep its temperature, but, if you have a garage and have a battery tender, yes, keep it plugged, the more reason I like my cars in general as simple as possible, non of that technology that gives a false sense of safety. < Again, my personal opinion and experience from being driving almost 40yrs
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